About IHBT- Knowledge Resource Centre (Library)









The Institute is one of prestigious national laboratories under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). The  IHBT Library and Information Centre (IHBT-LIC) of the IHBT was established in the year 1982-83 with the inception Institute. IHBT-LIC is a special resource centre by its nature as it is serving the scientific and technical community. Its parent institution i.e. Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT) is providing R&D services on economic bioresources in western Himalayan region leading to value added Plants, Products Process for industrial, societal & environmental benefit. 


IHBT-LIC is specialized in subject area of plant science.   It procures selected and relevant books and journals of interest to the researchers working the Institute. It also caters the needs and requirements of scientists by providing various information services with print, electronic information resources such as books, journals, CDROM databases and Internet based resources. These resources in the centre are on plant sciences including biotechnology, biochemistry, floriculture, tissue culture, genomics, natural products, biodiversity, medicinal plants,  floriculture, etc. The centre is equipped with required  infrastructure like separate building,  required seating and reading space and leased line connection for internet. The library has specialized users like scientists, scholars and technicians. The library is also visited by the faculty, scientists, technicians, scholars, students of research and educational institutions in quest of relevant information.





Resources Development


The primary mission of the centre is to support the Research and Development and educational programmes of the Institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational and research functions of the institute. In accordance with the objectives of the institute, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the research community of the Institute. The major collection of the library includes books, journals, reports, databases and patents in the field of science and technology. This rich and valuable collection built over a time of 25 years. The library currently receives over 150 periodical titles in the area of science and technology especially in plant science. About 5000 titles of on line full text journals are accessible under CSIR e-Journals Consortium, IHBT Lab subscription and Open Access Journals. The total holdings of the library is about 15, 000 documents including books, bound volumes of journals, etc.






Working hours of IHBT-LIC is as under:

Monday to Friday (on all working days) : 0900 hrs. to 1730 hrs.

Government Holidays and Saturdays     : 0900 hrs. to 1600 hrs. 


Circulation Counter Timings :


 Monday Friday :  0900 hrs 1700 hrs.

 Saturdays and Government holidays :  0900 hrs. 1530 hrs.


 Photocopying & Binding Timings :


 Monday Friday :  1000 hrs 1700 hrs.

 Saturdays and Government holidays :  1000 hrs 1530 hrs.


 Centre remains closed on national holidays.






IHBT-LIC is to serve its parent institution.  Therefore aim of a special resource centre is to support the interests of its parent institution by means of the following objectives:

  • To make available publications, in print/online/electronic version of research value for scientific projects/programs going on in the Institute.

  • To catalyze research productivity through important input-assimilate.

  • To identify and implement new methods and technologies to improve access to and management of, information materials.

  • To provide access to the information resources to keep the  S & T community well abreast with latest information on their areas of interests.

  • Execute literature survey exclusively and brings it to the notice of researchers before the start of a project to be undertaken by them, assuring them to go ahead. This helps in avoiding duplication of efforts.

Major Functions

 Major function of IHBT-LIC are:

  • Searching, selection and procurement of relevant information resources

  • Processing of information resources

  • Storage of information resources for retrieval by the users.

  • Automation of IHBT-LIC functions and services.




The library offers following services:

  • Reference Service/Referral Service

  • Circulation Service

  • Orientation to Readers Service

  • Inter Library Loan and Document Delivery Service

  • Display of Recent Additions

  • Bibliographic Service

  • Photocopy Service

  • Binding Service

  • Current awareness service

  • Press Clipping Service

In addition to above services the centre also renders its services for publication works of the institute. It provides assistance in preparing manuscripts of annual report, technical profiles/folders.  Assistance is also extended in preparation of manuscripts of training manuals, project proposals/reports, etc.


Staff Information:         




Mr. Mukhtiar Singh,

Designation: Principal Technical Officer

Qualification: MA (Pol. Sc.), M Lib

Email : (msingh@ihbt.res.in & singh_m_m1@rediffmail.com )

Publication: 22 articles, 4 book chapters & 4 book compiled

Additional Information: Vice President (Indian Lib. Assoc.) North Region



Mr. Saurabh Sharma,

Designation: Technical Assistant

Qualification: B Sc. (Comp Sc.), M. Lib. Sc.

Email ID: (ssaurabh770@gmail.com )





Ms. Jasveer Kaur,

Designation: Technician

Qualification: M. Lib. Sc.

Email ID: Jasveerkaur@ihbt.res.in



Ms. Rujala Devi,

Designation: Farash