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An Introduction to Food Grade Nanoemulsions by Nandita Dasgupta; Shivendu Ranjan Antiepileptic Drug Interactions: A Clinical Guide by Patsalos, P. N.
Biomimetic Medical Materials: From Nanotechnology to 3D Bioprinting by Noh, Insup Bioresources and Bioprocess in Biotechnology:Volume 1: Status and Strategies for Exploration by Sabu Abdulhameed; N.S. Pradeep; Shiburaj Sugathan
Bioresources and Bioprocess in Biotechnology:Volume 2: Exploring Potential Biomolecules by Shiburaj Sugathan; N. S. Pradeep; Sabu Abdulhameed Biotechnology of Natural Products by Wilfried Schwab; Bernd Markus Lange; Matthias Wüst
Biotechnology Products in Everyday Life by Menka Khoobchandani; Arpita Saxena Cannabis Sativa L. - Botany and Biotechnology by Suman Chandra; Hemant Lata; Mahmoud A. ElSohly
Cellular Rhythms and Networks: Implications for Systems Medicine by Yan, Qing Clinical Research and Practice by Pokorski, Mieczyslaw.
Computational Botany: Methods for Automated Species Identification by Paolo Remagnino; Simon Mayo; Paul Wilkin; James Cope; Don Kirkup Correlation-based Network Analysis of Cancer Metabolism: A New Systems Biology Approach in Metabolomics by Emily G. Armitage; Helen L. Kotze; Kaye J. Williams
Directed Enzyme Evolution: Advances and Applications by Alcalde, Miguel Epilepsy and Intellectual Disabilities by Prasher, Vee P.
Epilepsy Board Review: A Comprehensive Guide by Mohamad Z. Koubeissi; Nabil J. Azar Industrial Enzymes: Structure, Function and Applications by Julio Polaina; Andrew P. MacCabe
Nanomedicine: Gene Delivery, Imaging and Evaluation Systems by Roderick A. Slavcev; Shawn Wettig; Zhiheng Zeng Nanoscale Biophysics of the Cell by Ashrafuzzaman, Mohammad
Nanozymes: Next Wave of Artificial Enzymes by Xiaoyu Wang; Wenjing Guo; Yihui Hu; Jiangjiexing Wu; Hui Wei Neuroprotection and Regeneration of the Spinal Cord by Kenzo Uchida; Masaya Nakamura; Hiroshi Ozawa; Shinsuke Katoh; Yoshiaki Toyama
New Frontiers of Network Analysis in Systems Biology by Maaposayan, Avi. Pharmacoresistance in Epilepsy: From Genes and Molecules to Promising Therapies by Luisa Rocha; Esper A. Cavalheiro
Plant Bioproducts by Guanqun Chen; Randall J. Weselake; Stacy D. Singer Polymer Nanocomposites: Towards Multi-Functionality by Aravind Dasari; Zhong-Zhen Yu; Yiu-Wing Mai
Systems Biology by Nikolaus Rajewsky; Stefan Jurga; Jan Barciszewski Systems Biology for Signaling Networks by Choi, Sangdun.
Agricultural Systems: Agroecology and Rural Innovation for Development by Sieglinde Snapp; Barry Pound Bayesian Networks in R: With Applications in Systems Biology by Radhakrishnan Nagarajan; Marco Scutari; Sophie Lèbre
Biotechnology of Filamentous Fungi: Technology and Products by David B. Finkelstein Carnivorous Plants: Physiology, Ecology, and Evolution by Aaron Ellison; Lubomír Adamec
C-H Activation for Asymmetric Synthesis by Françoise Colobert; Joanna Wencel-Delord Chemometrics: Data Analysis for the Laboratory and Chemical Plant by Richard G. Brereton
Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics: Algorithms, Worked Examples, and Case Studies by John D. Kelleher; Brian Mac Namee; Aoife D'Arcy Hyperspectral Image Analysis: Advances in Machine Learning and Signal Processing by Saurabh Prasad; Jocelyn Chanussot
Machine Learning in Bioinformatics by Yanqing Zhang; Jagath C. Rajapakse Plant Macronutrient Use Efficiency: Molecular and Genomic Perspectives in Crop Plants by Mohammad Anwar Hossain; Takehiro Kamiya; David Burritt; Lam-Son Phan Tran; Toru Fujiwara
Systems Biology of Metabolic and Signaling Networks: Energy, Mass and Information Transfer by Miguel A. Aon; Valdur Saks; Uwe Schlattner